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Magic, Healing & Heartfelt Inspiration

I'm filled with inspiration and a great sense of release....The magic and healing you poured over and in me was greatly appreciated and still felt. It is rare to be met exactly where one is at. I see in you a beautiful being with an amazing heart that is not afraid to give. Thank you for your generosity.

– Tanja

You are a wonderful teacher, eyes wide open, grounded, and alive. You have my full respect as a teacher. I am inspired by your energy. I look forward to the next time I get to practice with you.

– Paula

I was the one crying on your knee in the rainbow dome. This message has been a long time coming. That day Has changed my life in a self transformational amazing way and I want to  Show More

thank you for the part you played in this. Your openness and vulnerability allowed me to crack open and release a wall that I had around me. I believed this wall was protecting me from hurt but it was really blocking the love coming both in and out. Since that day my eyes have been opened to some amazing understanding and I have done work to keep open but so many good things have happened. Whenever I see your posts or face in a picture it makes my heart smile with gratitude and love. I want you know the incredible impact you had and still have on my life. You have magic in you smile, of that I am sure. Thank you and I hope you are surround by all the wonderful things.

– Tori

Kadri and Nancy both do a great job of meeting each student where they are on their path and tailoring their teaching to bring each student to their greatest potential. I felt like I got lots of personal  Show More

love and care and knowledge passed on to me from Nancy and Kadri during my YTT, even though we were a large group of 21 women!

Pranamar is such a beautiful and tranquil space that encourages deep introspection and personal growth. The food was healthy and delicious, showcasing fresh local ingredients. The beach is magical and the spa services rock! I felt so pampered during my stay. It was all the best aspects of staying at a resort without the crowds or overt commercialization that usually go hand in hand.

My asana practice and body awareness has grown by leaps and bounds since my training. I feel more confident in my pranayama, mantra and meditation practices which help me in every aspect of my life both on and off my mat. The lessons I learned from Nancy and Kadri are useful to me every day.

I feel like I came to the teacher training at Pranamar in the early steps on my path as a yogini, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I had Nancy and Kadri to guide me in those formative days.

Luminous Heart is the perfect name for a teacher training led by Nancy and Kadri. Those two words describe how I felt during my time at Pranamar. I never wanted to leave that little slice of heaven in the jungle of Costa Rica.


You have no idea how much you have changed my life in just these few days I've known you! You helped me find a fire inside me I never knew I had! Thank you for being you, I'm so grateful to have crossed paths with you!!

Go Inside & Be Present With Heart

Coming into contact with you, during the brief workshop in Boston, has changed the course of my life forever. I now work full time as a professional yoga and lifestyle photographer, teaching yoga on the side, and it's really a fucking dream. I don't know if I would have seen such a possibility for my own life had I not met you, seen your approach, and felt your free energy. So I hope this finds you even more free and powerful than when we last met. Keep rockin the world my friend.

– Devin

I highly recommend Nancy’s Yoga Teacher Training to everyone that is interested in becoming a yoga teacher or wants to deepen their own path. Here are a few reasons why I enjoyed it very much. Show More

Nancy is for sure the best yoga teacher i have encountered until now. I wouldn't have done a TT with anybody else. She amazes me every class in a new way. Her knowledge and knowhow seems to be almost limitless. And as a person, very kind and friendly. I love that she teaches Asanas, Pranayamas, meditation, yoga philosophy and spiritual thoughts in a balanced way.

The teacher training was a very unique experience for me and i enjoyed it very much. The location of Pranamar is amazing, surrounded by nature and in front of the ocean, so you can feel its breeze. Very inspiring place with some of the most beautiful beaches i have ever seen.

The food is great, options for all type vegetarians and vegans which I can only recommend.

– Nicole

For me, the retreat allowed me to go inside myself in a way that i never have before and my inner energetic body, my physical body, and my heart have changed forever in the most beautiful way. I feel like I have  Show More

taken a necessary step in my souls evolutionary process.  I was able to live the experience so present in my heart in every moment. It really was a life changing experience-- huge shift happening.  The day after the retreat I felt every part of the experience moving into my body, my bones, my spirit. Never felt anything as intense as this!! Pure beauty.  The day after that, when I left I felt super raw and vulnerable.  A layer has been dissolved. It's fucking wonderful.  It was absolutely necessary for me to stay the extra days that I did to let everything settle in.  I will never plan to leave an event like that the next day.  I think it would've been an energetic disaster.  As it was I almost got into a fist fight with TSA. Anyway, I am home now and still riding this most epic wave of joy.  Deepest bow of love for both of you most beautiful humans.  I feel honored to know you and call you my teachers and my friends.

– Kathleen

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September 7-28th, 2019 – Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

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