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I feel so held, loved, and seen throughout my training.

The teachers! They have the biggest hearts and I was continuously so impressed with their knowledge and ability to make the learning process so fun and creative. I loved dancing and laughing with them and the other students. We all experienced this training in different ways but it was truly magical Show More

which was in a tropical jungle location, making studying by the pool much smoother than imagining I’d taken a course in the city.

My body was completely transformed in the space of 3 weeks, thanks to the discipline of daily routine and eating such nourishing meals. I feel like I am able to hold space and have a new sense of confidence in front of others. The teachers have uncovered my voice and I’m no longer mouthing morning chants at my local studio, but embracing my singing voice!

Kadri has such a magnetic aura. A truly inspiring teacher, he was able to hold space for everyone and make us feel so safe and loved. He made me feel empowered and I’m thankful for the real life stories he shared with us all.

Nancy… a goddess yogini, a teacher who I aspire to be. Such a loving soul and a big heart, makes everyone feel special. I would look forward to her classes every morning because the sequencing would be different and felt challenging but I love getting a sweat on and strengthening my body during practice.

Laurie… The dancing queen! Such an infectious smile and always felt fully supported by her presence.

– Hana Tagashira


There are no words that can truly express the perfect Symphony orchestrated over 22 days. Kadri, Laurie, Nancy and the assistants of the luminous heart Institute team are incredibly skilled space holders, knowledgeable teachers and incredibly authentic human beings. The training is transformative giving you tools for life so far beyond soley executing asanas. The resort and his staff go above and beyond in every service they provide. The food was exceptional! Beyond grateful, thank you...

– Lindsey W.


Aside from the breathtaking environment around us, the teachers' so openly sharing their knowledge, personal experiences, and vulnerabilities really made this a standout program and experience. They were incredibly impactful and inspiring. Their openness and availability for each and every student gave us all a sense of being heard, seen, and honored. The tone they set made this program into what it was.  Show More

I began really loving myself for maybe the first time ever in my life.

Yoga - Invigorating, methodical, detailed, well-paced, inspiring. We never had two yoga class that looked or felt even remotely the same. Best yoga classes I have ever taken.

Meditation - Calm, concise, consistent, enlightening, accessible. Best meditation practice I have been led through. Was so clear and made so accessible that allowed students to really understand the guided meditations and adopt them independently from a leader.

Oh one other thing, I liked how teachers cussed (ha!) and were so open with us about their process still being in development. Basically, what I'm getting at is that they acted in a REAL way with us, as equals, rather than using their knowledge of the yoga/meditation/spirituality/philosophy/etc as grounds to act  above us or better than us. I can't stress enough how much this let us "in" as students in a way that empowered us to think of ourselves as teachers as well.

One. Hundred. Percent. Greater understanding (me) = full on love for myself. YOU GUYS GOT ME HERE! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Can never say it enough, but I am so eternally grateful. Thank you Luminous Heart Team and so much love!!!


– Christian Paxton


I came to this training to gain clarity, confidence in my voice, and a deeper knowledge of yoga. After three transformational weeks, I'm leaving with all of these desires... And so much more. The talented teachers guide us on a journey of our elegant unfolding. Show More

Obstacles have been cleared in our hearts open to radiate, receive + give love, and share our passion is with the world. I am leaving with not only the tools to teach the skill for yoga class but also to design an authentic life that aligns with my purpose. Thank you Luminous Heart! 

– Sarah B.

My first handstand thank you Kadri!!!! I try not to get super addicted to it but it is just so much fun and it really helps me to switch off my thoughts and to be present.

It felt like living in a magical space where I could simply just be myself.


My heart is so full after my three weeks of training with Kadri and Nancy. I feel so held, loved, and seen throughout my training. I couldn't imagine doing a training anywhere else in the world and with any other practitioners, my gratitude is wordless endeavor. With love.

– Patrick  F.


I think I don't have a highlight. I honestly loved the whole emotional and physical roller coaster during the YTT. It felt like living in a magical space where I could simply just be myself. Okay probably the manifestation workshop was one of my highlights because it really helps me to be super clear about what I want, to be positive and to be more patient and I could not believe it but it absolutely works!!!  Show More

My first handstand thank you Kadri!!!! I try not to get super addicted to it but it is just so much fun and it really helps me to switch off my thoughts and to be present. I also feel that I am now more focused on what I want to do and not to do.

And of course I'm super happy that I improved my asanas and my pranayama techniques! Can't wait to start the 300hr YTT with you guys!

– Hanna Klug


Amazing experience. 10 stars! I've traveled all around the world, but this yoga teacher training took me to places I have never been. The quality of everything from start to finish was top notch, filled with magic and motion. Show More

Kadri + Nancy + Laurie are the real deal. Top of their game. Masters of their material.

-Debbie N.

Aves_Yoga Teacher training_Meditation_Luminous Heart institute-5

Ineffable indeed. What I can say is that now I truly understand why this is called Luminous Heart. Such an amazing well-rounded and rich program. These incredible teachers and their team really know what’s up! My heart is bursting with joy and love. Many many thanks. <3

-Natalie N.


A multi dimensional yoga teacher training with considerations beyond any expectations of what a yoga teacher training could entail. Fully integrating mind, body and soul throughout various modalities besides a yoga practice of awesomeness. Very rich and teachings of various lineages.

A source of inspiration for all trainings, the cultivation of a safely held container where is the freedom to vulnerably express and find our authentic selves is encouraged and realized by each individual student.

– Melanie Joy


This training has brought me out of a shell that I didn't even realize I had. I have never felt so connected to myself or a group of others as I have in the last 3 weeks. Show More

I am finally able to make eye contact with others, express my feelings, and make space for silence. This is so much more than just a teacher training, though the teacher training part was also phenomenal. Thank You

– Callie


The program entailed much more than I would've ever asked for or expected. Immersed in an amazing tropical paradise, the teachers created a sacred space of love, warmth, acceptance and positive energy. Show More

The outpouring of love, support end guidance demonstrated the true passion of the teachers. This combine with the imparted knowledge and skills for practical use, is immeasurable and prices. The accommodations, food, and perfectly unfolding itineraries made this program experience more than 100X the monetary cost, literally priceless.

– Shari D.

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