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About the Luminous Heart Institute

A Community Partnership

We are a community in partnership for Personal Development, Healing, Transformation.

A tribe of wisdom and life experience holders who come together and create safe space for human beings to explore their infinite potential, through mediums such as yoga, meditation, healing, nature, personal and interpersonal exploration.

Your Luminous Guides

Meet our distinguished team of instructors with over 70+ years of Yoga and meditation experience.

Discover Your Light

Our mission is built on a desire to live well, live conscious, be happy, aware and support each other with deep affection, have reverence for all beings and respect for the earth we all mutually share.

Unfortunately living in modern times we're all confronted with uncertainty, stress and confusion, leaving us with negative feelings such as guilt, unworthiness, shame and pain. This often sets us up for toxic relationships, unwanted situations and ultimately causing more uncertainty and confusion. Unfortunately rejecting such feelings and experiences, only spiral us deeper into these unhealthy patterns and suffering.

We believe everyone has the capacity to transcend this suffering, awaken to their true power and embrace the simple sweetness life has to offer. We also believe the only true possible way anyone can guide others skillfully to navigate out of confusion and limited belief is to intimately understand their own... This is where compassion, empathy and self love comes from, we call this - Luminosity of the Heart - the clear infinite part of of each and everyone that holds Infinite Wisdom and Truth. Once accepted and embraced, it manifests as sincere authentic desire to be free and invite all Beings to experience the same truth!

This simple truth is the foundation of our Institute. Be inspired by your own Light and inspire others to awaken to their Light... So they may inspire others to do the same.

Luminous Heart Institute does not have walls, a roof, or exist in any specific place, it is in each individual soul that comes together with the intention to share and receive wisdom, life experience and change.

Our Location

Currently our tribe of Wisdom Holders gather in select eco-friendly venues located in culturally rich and ecologically sensitive zones around the planet, offering transformational trainings through mediums such as Yoga, Meditation and Healing Arts.

All who are a part of this community bow in deep gratitude to all our teachers, ancestor’s and lineage holders -  those who walked the path before us and shared their wisdom, light and life experience freely to guide us all on our journey individually and collectively. We thank you!


Discover Your Superpower

September – Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

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