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Be the LIGHT to Illuminate Your Path

200 & 300 Hr. Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

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"So much more than a YTT, truly a beautifully orchestrated experience." Rachelle

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"Teachers are the real deal. Top of their game. Masters of their material." Debbie N.


Be the LIGHT to Illuminate Your Path

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    You Are Luminous

    Welcome! The Luminous Heart Institute is a community in partnership for Personal Development, Transformation, and Healing.

    We are a tribe of wisdom and life experience holders, who come together and create space for human beings to explore their infinite potential, through mediums such as yoga, meditation, healing, nature, personal and interpersonal exploration.

    We are a 200HR, 300HR Yoga Alliance accredited school.

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    New dates coming soon!

    200 & 300 Hr - Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

    Discover Your Superpower


    Our Vision

    The Luminous Heart Institute is built on a desire to live well, live consciously, be happy, and aware. We are dedicated to support each other with deep affection, have reverence for all beings and respect for the earth we all mutually share.

    Luminous Heart Institute does not have walls, a roof, or exist in any specific place.  It exists in each individual soul that comes together with the intention to share and receive wisdom, life experience and change.

    Currently, our tribe of Wisdom Holders gather in select eco-friendly venues, located in culturally rich and ecologically sensitive zones around the planet, to offer transformational trainings through mediums such as Yoga, Meditation and Healing Arts.

    You have no idea how much you have changed my life ... You helped me find a fire inside me I never knew I had!

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    Finding Your Superpower

    Written by: Nancy Goodfellow There are many things in life that make me feel really alive, radiant and at peace, yet nothing compares to how I feel while immersed in the journey of our Luminous Heart Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training. There is something so unique and extraordinary about this experience that I feel compelled […] READ MORE

    Shiva/Shakti…the power duo

    Written by: Nancy Goodfellow If you have been in the Yoga world for some amount of time then you have probably heard the words Shiva and Shakti. Often tossed around without much explanation to what they actually refer to, or even mean. In the bigger picture of things, Shiva/Shakti comes to us from the cosmology […] READ MORE

    Discover Your Superpower

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